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Kung Fu
While most martial arts systems teach how to fight, Kung Fu teaches how to survive. Many practitioners consider Kung Fu to be a path to spiritual enlightenment.

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Kung Fu Basics

Kung fu is the common name for the traditional martial arts of China. There are many different styles and schools, but all modern kung fu comes from systems taught by the "5 Elders", or "5 Ancestors" who escaped the destruction of the Honan and Fukien Temples in the 1600's. Although the earliest reference to martial arts in China is found in the Chou Dynasty (1122-255 BC), the many different schools of modern kung fu all have their roots in original 5 Elder styles.

Kung fu can be broken down into external and internal systems. External styles exert a great deal of muscle force, whereas internal systems keep the muscles relaxed as much as possible. Internal styles focus much more on meditation and the use of "chi", or "vital energy". Kung fu can be further divided into long hand (where the strike extends the full length of the arm) and short hand (where there is little movement with each strike). Beginners usually do best starting with long hand techniques to learn the fundamentals, then shorten the strikes as they develop in skill.

The word "Pai" means "whole art" or "complete art". Training in a kung fu system usually includes meditation, unarmed combat, weapons forms, herbal medicine, and much more, all of which work together to help the student on the path to enlightenment. Weapons forms and self defence are taught, yet the true essence of kung fu is to reject all offers of violence. If combat cannot be avoided, then the battle is ended in only 1-4 movements. Internal kung fu is more about personal development, and is a path of Faith and Courage.

I teach a wide variety of meditations and forms including tai chi chuan, advanced burning palm, and iron body. In addition to private instruction, I also provide corporate seminars, classes and demonstrations. Email for more information.

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